Cape Canada Membership


Section 1. Benefits of becoming a member

Section 2. Membership requirements

Section 3. Information on fees and payment methods

Section 4. Professional educator status requirements

Section 5. An application for membership

Section 1A

Benefits of becoming a Corporate member include:-

  • Raising your profile; raising your rating
  • Feature status on the Oratome directory with direct links
  • Free job postings
  • Reduced rates for Sensiom online training programs
  • Professional development programs for staff members
  • Larger groups can take advantage of our "custom training" programs

Section 1B

Benefits to individual membership include:-

  • Professional development
  • Educator training (with member rates) through Sensiom online training programs
  • Annual conference
  • Networking opportunities
  • Publishing options
  • Volunteer positions for career development
  • Enrolment in the professional designation registry (optional)

Section 2

Membership requirements

2.1 Corporate membership

  • Members must meet all Provincial and Federal minimum standards
  • Members must adhere to the code of standards as set out in the charter
  • Members must provide an educational service
  • Complete the application
  • Provide payment for the membership

2.2 Individual membership requirements

  • An applicant must be 18 years of age
  • Prepared to adhere to the code of professional standards as set out in the charter
  • Be engaged in, preparing to be engaged in, or retired from, an educational capacity
  • Meet the minimum academic or skill requirements
  • Complete the attached application
  • Provide payment for the membership

Section 3

Cost of membership

  • There is no application fee
  • No administration fee for enroling
  • Corporate membership rates are based on industry and size, full details of pricing will be provided by completing the no obligation application below
  • Annual membership fee for individuals $120.00 + applicable taxes
  • Annual membership for students or retired persons $75.00 + applicable taxes

Section 4

Professional Status

CAPE Canada is currently in the process of collecting applications from qualified individuals wishing to participate in a professional designation for educators. In order to facilitate this our mandate requires 30,000 applicants wishing to enter into our professional registry. There is no cost for completing this application; you will receive periodic updates on the status of the registry.

In order to be accepted on the registry additional requirements are necessary.

  • Applicants must be employed in the field of education
  • Applicants must complete two academic requirements:
    1. General certificate of professional education CIE101 provided by Sensiom, or other approved professional educator training
    2. CAPE morals and ethics exam. This is an essay response to questions covering ethics, morals, and professional conduct
  • Completion of the application
  • Upon acceptance to the registry members must commit to continued professional development.
  • Additional questionnaire and declaration of character and legal status.
  • Membership in an approved professional educators association

Section 5

Application for membership