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Certification benefits are globally recognised as a demonstration of your commitment and expertise. We have developed a comprehensive program for educators of every skill level or academic achievement. Oue world class certification program will give you an advantage over your competition, and provide your employer third party endorsement of your skill and dedication to education.

CAPE Certification

Choosing a certificate is a big decision, you want to choose the one that's right for you, and lets be honest you want one that you can achieve at your pace, commitment level, and budget, and will help you get a job or increase your earning capacity. Our programs are designed to match your needs, your current qualifications or education level, your budget and you set the pace. No certifications have pre-requisites, you can take our foundation level programs to complete the certification process.

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CAPE certification demonstrates your experience, competency and education, and commitment to the process of educating. This certificate increases your marketability; certified practitioners continually earn more than non certified practitioners, and gain promotions more often.

Certification requirements

  1. To enrol in our certification program requires individual membership in the Association
  2. When you complete your application we will review your qualifications, your experience, and any other factors you provide. We will ensure your talents are appropriately measured to give you the exact starting point in your certification journey.

We do not put time constraints on your completion, you can take each module as your constraints permit, or you can commit to a dedicated and continuous completion, usually taking 40 hours approximately. The exams are specifically tailored to enhance your knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, they are not a test of your short term memory. If you are unsuccessful in any attempt, we will provide you with a complete analysis of the specific area of concern, re-takes are free, and only require completion of the errant topics or questions.

How to apply

The journey begins with an email, simply complete the contact form and we will send you the on-line application. This is your decision, we will wait for you to complete the application and submit for our review process. this normally takes no more than 5 days. There is no fee for an application, we will send you the details for your acceptance.
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Payment and certification process

The course consists of several modules, the number you require will vary based on your personal details. Each module is taken as an individual unit, specifically designed to assist in your personal performance goals. You only pay for a single module at a time prior to commencement. We realize people fail to complete certification programs for a number of reasons, and we do not believe you should pay for unused portions of the program. Once a module is completed you are eligible to move to the next unit, these units cannot be taken simultaneously or out of order, they have been carefully ordered to build on prior knowledge and information.