The Canadian Association of Professional Educators; Raising the profile of educators; promoting opportunities for professional advancement, mobility, and networking. CAPE wants you to join in the drive to establish and raise the Canadian Standard for educators. Whether you're a high school grad, a post secondary grad, aspiring to be an educator, or a current educator, find out if a professional designation could be for you.

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Every educator deserves the opportunity to be certified and join a professional association. We provide the opportunity for people of ability and ambition to gain the recognition they deserve. Our Certification is geared to your current skills and qualifications. A professional grade certificate will enhance your career prospects, and your personal, professional profile.

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Who you support tells your customers a lot about your organisation. CAPE Canada is an independent Non profit organisation dedicated to improving education for everyone. Now you can be a positive force for change, and raise your public image all for only $15.00.

Your contribution is about lending your support to a powerful change for positive improvement in education.

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Our focus is on professional values designed to promote the process of education globally.

We work to raise the profile of our members and provide support and services throughout their career. Our focus is our members our goal is to act in the public interest. Help make a difference, the greater our number the louder our voice.

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Privacy policy

The Canadian association of Professional Educators is committed to protecting the privacy of the information we collect with respect to our members. CAPE has established procedures to adopt the standards as set forth in the 2004 PEPIDA act. A full overview of these standards can be found by following the link after signing in.


The Canadian Association of Professional Educators has established a set of standards that the association and its members have pledged to maintain with respect to the spirit and ideals contained within the codes of practice. A full overview of these standards can be found by following the link after signing in.

Star ratings

A star rating program is a universal standard recognised by consumers in a wide range of products. Ratings are based on the ability to meet training requirements, quality and appropriateness of facilities, level of knowledge, and adequacy of service. The higher the rating the more relevant and comprehensive the training and the outcomes.

About us

CAPE is dedicated to providing networking and professional development tools. A professional organisation facilitates career enhancement, provides status, and a forum to showcase your skills, experience, and talents.We provide access to experts, and insight on the latest developments.